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Together – for future of community and environment Being part of our activity means being at the cutting edge of technology, leading processes professionally and responsibly, and playing a role in a real environmental revolution!

The trend of renewable energy and making the world greener is already making an impact around the world – this is your chance to take part in it!

We at S’ENERGY offer you the possibility of joining us in the cooperative business area, in which we can cooperate towards achieving regular, steady income for you and, above all, produce renewable, green energy to lead you and the whole world to a better place!


S’ENERGY leads the Israeli market in installation of solar systems for commercial roofs.

Generation of electricity with photovoltaic technology instead of consumerism (default)

Regulation for self-consumption of electricity produced on the asset roof. This regulation has been in existence since 2008; only the rates included in it have changed. In essence, the asset owner has the option of consuming the electricity generated, while transmitting the surplus to the grid at a rate of 16. agorot. The Electricity Authority updates the quotas on a periodic basis.

Generation of electricity with photovoltaic technology for self-consumption and transmission of surplus to the grid

Two options: either regulation for self-consumption and transmission of production surpluses to the grid or transmission only without consumption. This regulation applies to solar systems (PV) of up to 100 kW, with a distinction between roof of up to 15 kW at 48 agorot and roofs of 15-100 kW at 45 agorot. These rates are promised for 25 years and are not index-linked. The quota given by the Electricity Authority stands at 300 mW.

Generation of electricity in a photovoltaic installation and its connection to the distribution grid in wake of winning a competitive procedure for determining the rate

This constitutes a competitive procedure for purchase of electricity generated on solar rooftops and different kinds of water reservoirs. This regulation shall enable self-consumption, and the rate determined in the tender shall be given with respect to the energy transmitted to the grid. The determined rate shall be linked to the consumer price index and remain valid for 25 years. At the end of November 2018, the Electricity Authority published the first out of four tenders planned for 2019 and 2020, while the results of the tender were published in May. The rate determined in the tender is 23.33 agorot, and our company (Menora-S’ENERGY Energy) won a quota of 90 mW, higher than all the other companies in the market.

Outline of engagement with us

Together we can lead the area of renewable energy in Israel!


  • Owned by S’ENERGY in exchange for use
  • Payment of regular rent
  • Service and maintenance by S’ENERGY
  • Green flow from the asset

purchase of system

  • Owned by customer
  • Income from transmission of electricity
  • Service and maintenance by S’ENERGY
  • Green flow from the asset


  • Joint ownership
  • Distribution of system profits
  • Service and maintenance by S’ENERGY
  • Green flow from the asset

A simple process

S’ENERGY enables you to earn without risk through a simple process including several stages:

Stage 1

Suitability test

An S’ENERGY representative will visit the customer site and examine the roof and infrastructures in order to prepare a simulation design, check connection enlargements as needed, and compile a detailed quotation.

Stage 2

Submitting a quotation and potential earnings flow

The customer shall examine the S’ENERGY proposal including full system specification and forecast of earnings and expenses over the years.

Stage 3

Signing an agreement

The agreement shall include all aspects of engagement between S’ENERGY and the customer. The agreement shall include details of the system, warranty certificates and current maintenance guidelines.

Stage 4

Approval of rate for supply by the Electric Company

This involves detailed structural and electrical design and submission of documents to the Electric Company. After receiving and examining the data, the Electric Company shall set a date for a preliminary check, to be followed by issue of a quota approval and ensured rate for 25 years.

Stage 5

Installing the system

The construction process schedule depends on the size of the system. Installation is performed by an experienced team, with adherence to safety procedure, aesthetic aspects, and care for integrity of roof and building.

Stage 6

Connection and start of production

At the end of construction, an Electric Company representative will be invited to check the system, its connection to the electricity grid, and its regular operation.

Stage 7

Monitoring and tracking system performance

S’ENERGY provides online tracking of system activity, performs current updating of data and provides support and response at each stage, as needed by the customer.

Now, all you have to do is enjoy secure monthly income for the next

25 years!

Call us and we’ll be glad to help.