Information about website accessibility

Our accessibility compliance was conducted in accordance with Regulation 35 of the
Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Accessibility Adjustments for Services)
Regulations 5773-2013, at level __ subject to the changes and

To make the website accessible to people with disabilities, The following actions were taken, including:

  • Adapting the website for easy and convenient navigation using the keyboard.
  • Using a clear frame when focus is achieved as the user navigates the site using the keyboard.
  • Designing with contrast (text-to-image/background ratio) according to AA standard.
  • Creating clear visual contrast when hovering over clickable elements, such as: top menu, bottom menu, links, and buttons.
  • Properly hierarchical tagging of headings according to the information published in them and the page structure.
  • Adding a site map that includes all the website pages for better and more convenient orientation on the site.

 Adjustments made for users who use screen reading software:

  • Using appropriate headers and tagging them according to the information contained within and the page structure.
  • Using appropriate and clear labels for fields appearing in a contact form.
  • Using simple and clear language on all website pages.
  • Using the “aria label” command to adapt the information on the site to screen reading software