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operation and maintenance

The system is already installed, won’t you take care of it? ] Monitoring and periodic, comprehensive tests constitute an important tool for continual proper and effective functioning of the system. Let us operate, and you continue to profit!

No system is free of wear and tear, solar systems included.

Ongoing maintenance is required for the system to continue providing maximum output with minimum malfunctions.

As part of operation and maintenance works on behalf of S’ENERGY Energy, remote monitoring shall be performed on an ongoing, consistent basis, as well as examination of system output, collection and analysis of data, and compiling of quarterly output reports.

In addition, S’ENERGY shall perform periodic maintenance work and testing including cleaning of solar panels, mechanical functionality tests, and tests of connections, monitoring systems, and more.

You continue to profit

Remote monitoring of system operation on a current and consistent basis enables early identification of malfunctions before they occur and quick, focused treatment, with no need for partial or full shutdown.

Data collection and analysis

We shall collect and analyze the data received from the system in the current monitoring; you shall receive quarterly output report with full transparency!

Periodic tests

We shall perform mechanical functionality tests including component connections, electrical connection boxes, examination of monitoring, electrical system tests, tightening of terminals, and testing of grounding and insulation.

Washing the system

S’ENERGY Energy shall provide six annual panel washings for the solar system, according to a simple formula that says a cleaner panel equals maximum output!

We take care of everything

For the sake of your peace of mind

As part of an advanced service concept and out of commitment to quality and effectiveness of the system, S’ENERGY Energy provides its customers with a comprehensive solution for maintenance and operation.

The goals of service are to ensure that the system remains effective, with optimal output according to the planning and prevention of malfunctions.

Service is divided into three areas of the system, and shall include the following items:

  • Electrical system: Testing of electric panels, visual test of the solar facility, functionality testing (under extreme environmental conditions, tests shall be made more frequently), cleaning of the electric panel, tightening of bolts and electrical contacts, cleaning of LED lamps and/or indicators.
  • Converters: Visual testing of converters, checking to make sure there is no direct sunlight on the converters, testing of converter ventilation (under extreme environmental conditions, tests shall be made more frequently), cleaning of converters as required and according to efficiency of heat dissipation, cleaning of LED lamps on the front of the converter.
  • Solar panels: Visual test of solar panels (under extreme environmental conditions, tests shall be made more frequently), periodic cleaning of solar panels.