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Synergy Renewable Energy

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The S’ENERGY Group is an entrepreneurial group at the forefront of renewable energy providing consulting and planning services, operation and maintenance of advanced solar systems in the industrial, institutional and agricultural sectors. As part of its extensive activity in recent years, the company has been in charge of construction and operation of hundreds of systems in Israel and around the world. We open for you the door to the future of production of green, readily available renewable energy. Together we can help you achieve economic freedom for years to come, and a real way of playing a significant role in a national and global project of unparalleled importance, for a clean and safe future.

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Why is S’ENERGY Group the key to your future?

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Sustainability in the S’ENERGY Group

With future generations in mind, the S’ENERGY Group is operating in the cooperative business area and invites you to take part in creating a cleaner and better world.

The company’s vision is based on a deep commitment to producing clean renewable energy, through fruitful cooperation with the community via commercial businesses, institutions, agricultural farms and various organizations in the economy, interested in taking part in the green energy revolution while relying on and leveraging resources they already have.

Out of true faith and commitment to our path and goal, S’ENERGY and its partners operate in a clean green environment by avoiding the use of disposable products, performing emission testing and inspection, recycling materials, and applying the clean green concept in every aspect of our activity.

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