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S’ENERGY EV – Charging stations for electric vehicles

The gas stations of the future are your opportunity to profit big time S’ENERGY is launching and creating a national chain for charging electric vehicles. This is a unique opportunity to take part in the future and lead the green revolution in Israel, through construction of advanced charging systems for electric vehicles with broad national deployment. Anyone can join our chain and start earning money; all you need is a parking space.

S’ENERGY EV was founded in the aim of establishing and managing the deployment of the national charging network, and thus strengthen its status as market leader in all areas of renewable energy. The company has created collaboration with the world’s leading manufacturers of charging stations, and online management of energy and stations.  Integration of solar systems with electricity storage and charging stations – this is the future.

As part of the possibility of installing charging stations for EVs, we cover roofs and combine solar systems. Thus, the electricity produced for charging is clean, green and cost-effective.

S’ENERGY is creating a better future.

As part of the Paris Agreement concluded during the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, signed by 195 countries including Israel, the signatory countries undertook to act towards reduction of greenhouse gases and global warming. The transportation sector constitutes 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

Among the objectives laid out, and that the State of Israel is committed to, is the transition to electric-powered transportation. As part of the state’s desire to encourage the use of EVs, a tender has been issued for nationally deployed charging stations. This decision will encourage and enable the transition to electric-powered transportation more easily.

As part of the tender issued by the state, S’ENERGY EV has received a significant grant, and is currently building a national network of fast and slow charging stations throughout Israel.

In addition, the government has reached a decision to forbid the purchase of vehicles with diesel engines starting in 2025, and fossil-fuel vehicles starting in 2028. As a result of these decisions, by the year 2030, 70% of all vehicles on Israel’s roads will be EVs, and by 2035 all vehicles will be electric only.

The state is behind us

To promote construction of charging infrastructures, a tender has been published for installation of 2,500 EV charging stations. As part of the tender, the state shall provide financial support for the builders of these charging stations. In addition, incentives shall be given to businesses, to make the transition to EVs in the form of tax benefits – NIS 1,000 benefit per employee on imputed value (income) on usage of car. EVs shall have free parking.

An investment for the future

The charging stations can generate significant, certain income over the coming years. In effect, they enable a high level of economic certainty and significant income for owners of the stations. This is an excellent business opportunity, the income from which will only increase in the coming years.

The time is now

Many bureaucratic obstacles in the way of installing EV charging stations and purchase of EV vehicles in Israel have recently been removed, for example: The Electric Company shall cooperate in changing the size of electrical connections, to make them compatible to charging stations.

Responsibility for the environment

This is your time to join in the common effort of the Paris Agreement countries, and ensure a cleaner, greener and safer world.

Handling the process from A to Z

Our capabilities and experience are your path to success and regular, secure income.

The work process is customized to meet your needs. It is based on a chain of values founded on security, expertise, quality, reliability and pleasure from service.

As part of our advanced service concept and commitment to system quality, suitable licensing and installation, the company offers its customers a comprehensive turnkey solution through smart electrical design and selection of advanced, high-quality technology that will bring you profit over time.

In addition, S’ENERGY EV provides service and maintenance for professionally installed systems. Monitoring and control are performed through a control room and alarm system for daily tracking of performance. In addition, the company has developed a dedicated application that will enable you to track the system’s performance, at any time and any place in the world!

S’ENERGY is currently working on the construction of hundreds of charging stations throughout the country, to constitute infrastructure for the large clientele expected many years to come.