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solar systems for water reservoirs

The reservoirs already exist, so why not get more profit from them? The cooperation between S’ENERGY Renewable Energy and Menora Mivtachim Energy is moving to the next level, to be applied onwater reservoir with advanced floating solar systems. Your reservoirs are worth more with us!

The development of technology in general and solar systems in particular, as well as the need and wish to protect the environment, save costs and utilize potential areas, give rise to the option of installing floating solar systems on water reservoirs and their walls.

In wake of the reform in the electricity economy, floating solar systems have become a real competitive niche in the burgeoning solar market, offering a water-based alternative to the traditional option installed on the ground or on rooftops.

Floating solar systems are installed on natural or man-made water reservoirs. The system consists of a flooding system and support system for the panels and converters, designed to produce maximum output with consideration for the area and other variables.

As the roof and water reservoir markets are opened to large tenders, cooperation between the companies enables the integration of leading professionals in regulation, planning and engineering, with proven track records in entrepreneurship, development and construction of projects in Israel.

Considerable financial capabilities and long years of experience with leading organizations from around the world in equipment and construction are a winning combination for construction of projects on the highest professional level and on a large scale.

Quick and profitable

More than ever, it pays to install solar systems on water reservoirs. Until now there were bureaucratic obstacles for this. However, many regulatory barriers have recently been removed by the Electricity Authority. In addition, installation costs of the systems have decreased, as have the costs of materials required such as the durable floats.

Concern for the environment

Floating solar systems on water reservoirs have many advantages, such as: Reduction of water evaporation rate by 30%, reduction of environmental temperature, reduction of algae growth, simple installation with no need for construction works or heavy equipment, no harm to animal life, no occupation of land areas, etc.

international success

Construction of floating systems on reservoirs is performed on the highest, most advanced technological level, and in compliance with all required standards in cooperation with leading international companies in this area.

working for you

Our professionals shall perform an in-depth test in order to maximize the potential and begin immediately to advance the project in conjunction with the Electric Company and relevant authorities.

Details worth knowing

You have nothing to worry about. We shall guide you step by step through the process until achievement of perfect results. The area of water required for each installed megawatt is 2.5-2.7 acres.
  • The final size of the system shall be determined after performing engineering and technical analysis of the water reservoir and the expected outputs.
  • In addition, the possibility exists of building a solar system on the walls of the reservoir, according to customer requirements and type of reservoir.
  • Radiation efficiency and system output are high, due to cooling of the panels by the water.
  • The proposed period of engagement shall be pursuant to the terms of the tender and subject to an undertaking by the Electric Company to purchase all the electricity generated by the system (22-25 years).
  • The engagement proposal shall be subject to due diligence.