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Commercial rooftop solar systems

Let your roof work for you! The new reform in the electricity economy paves the way to cooperation between two of the leading companies in this sector over the last decade: S’ENERGY Energy and Menora Mivtachim Energy Now is your opportunity to take part in the success!

The reform in the electricity economy that has recently come into effect removes many bureaucratic barriers to construction of solar systems in the private and business sectors. Now, commercial and private roofs may now generate significant, steady income by producing electricity with solar systems.

The reform has given birth to the cooperation between S’ENERGY Renewable Energy—a pioneer in renewable energy operating over a decade in consulting, planning, construction and operation of hundreds of advanced solar systems in Israel and worldwide—and Menora Mivtachim Energy, it too active for over a decade in this area, with many land-based projects in Israel and Europe in cooperation with Canadian Solar, which is the world’s leading solar panel manufacturer and solar system builder.

As part of the cooperation, advanced solar systems are being constructed in Israel in the business, agricultural and industrial sectors. The cooperation between the two leading companies is managed in the field by the best professionals in the area, providing economic robustness alongside rich professional knowledge and global experience, with full responsibility for each project: Licensing, planning, construction, supervision, maintenance of system components and ongoing technical support.

opportunity management

The State of Israel is obligated to produce 10% of the country’s electricity with renewable energy by the year 2020 (currently 3%); hence, it buys this electricity from private producers at premium prices.

wise investment for the future

The construction of solar systems enables a high level of economic certainty and significant long-term income from previously unutilized rooftops.

A quick and simple process

In wake of the reform, many bureaucratic obstacles in the way of building solar systems have been removed, such as: Exemption from building permits, and waiving of municipal taxes and betterment fees.

Backed by a complete system

S’ENERGY and Menora Mivtachim Energy put at your disposal the best systems and technologies in the area, and the finest experts, installers, licensing people, and quality control; all you have to do is enjoy the results.

Committed to a real business partnership

This is neither a slogan nor a cliche - your success really is ours too!

In each project, our work process is customized to meet your needs. It is based on a chain of values founded on security, expertise, quality, reliability and pleasure from service.

As part of our advanced service concept, and out of commitment to quality of the systems and their installation, our company offers customers comprehensive turnkey solutions.

Thanks to smart electrical planning and selection of advanced, high quality technology, the system reaches its maximum output over time, thus achieving optimum savings and profit for you.

In addition, we provide you with advanced, professional service and maintenance for installed systems.

Monitoring and control are performed through a control room and alarm system for daily tracking of performance and output.

To keep you in the picture, we have developed a dedicated, unique App that enables you to track the system’s performance and output, anywhere anytime.