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For over 10 years, S’ENERGY has been at the forefront of the green revolution in Israel – in professionalism, quality, service and commitment to our customers and the environment

S’ENERGY Energy is an entrepreneurial company in production of renewable energy in Israel, a pioneer and trailblazer in the field. The company has a high level of financial robustness, and experience based on hundreds of installed systems.

The company’s activity in the area includes a comprehensive array of solutions for planning, construction and operation of advanced solar systems for a variety of uses
The company provides consulting, planning, import, installation and maintenance of advanced systems for the production of solar energy, in public institutions and buildings, businesses and shopping centers, farms, water reservoirs, car parks and more.

Since its inception, S’ENERGY has been striving to make the use of solar energy accessible to every business, public institution and home in Israel. It is this aspiration that motivates us in the design, manufacture, marketing and installation of modular, advanced and unique solutions for each customer aspiring to a greener future, and take part in leading the world to a state in which electricity generation does not harm but rather contributes to the well-being of the environment and all involved in the process.

envelope solutions

Thanks to cooperation with leading manufacturers of panels, converters and solar components, and as part of its advanced concept of service and commitment to system quality and installation, the company offers its customers all-inclusive turnkey solutions – for maximum system output as well as peace of mind and security, all the way.

human capital and financial robustness

S’ENERGY is among the most highly experienced and financially robust companies in the world solar market. This enables us to offer our customers a team of experts and partners made up of electrical engineers, structural engineers, experienced licensing teams and installation teams among the best and most experienced in the market – all committed to international standards of quality, service and reliability.

service, maintenance and warranty

The company offers 24/7 customer service, operation and maintenance, periodic tests, a nation-wide distribution network, current maintenance of panels, testing services, a monitoring and control room, and generation of technical data – all these are at your disposal, enabling you to generate regular, high income and take part in the global revolution for the community and the environment.

Our vision

To enable each and every one of you to take part and profit from the greener, cleaner and better world

Years of attempts to create a better, cleaner and greener future have led S’ENERGY to continue its work in the field of renewable energy and overcome every obstacle on the way towards developing the most advanced solar system in the world, operating on an uncompromising level of quality.

Along with our professional vision of continual striving for excellence and position as global solar energy market leader; a company offering a wide range of green investment solutions under one roof, inspired by values of expertise, credibility and quality for its customers and partners.

S’ENERGY’s vision is to build a common path for our customers and the community, to join hands and play an active role in creating a better, greener and more economical future − a future in which active civil involvement gives every business entity and private person the opportunity to improve and take an active part in a global ecological revolution of paramount importance.

Out of the same true dedication to purpose and vision, and full responsibility towards business partners, environment and community, our solar systems are designed manufactured to comply with the most stringent conditions and standards in the world. Throughout the process, they get the same careful attention and planning – from the design stage, to highly professional installation under full supervision, until operation and maintenance of the system at every moment of its current activity.

The people

Our management team

    Aviad Mor


    Dr. Yael Almog Zackai


    Dr. Jacob Grossman


    Avichai Peretz

    VP entrepreneurship and tenders

    Regev Goren

    VP Operations

    Mor Finish

    Sales Manager

    Oren Chaykin

    Legal Advisor

    Adi Levi

    Head of rooftops segment


    We engage in professional, social and environmental cooperation with a variety of business
    entities and public organizations in Israel and around the world.
    Your way to begin leaving a mark and making a profit starts right here!